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Spring Air Conditioner Maintenance

How important is spring air conditioner maintenance?

In Texas, you could say spring air conditioner maintenance is as important as routine car maintenance. It is often asked why maintenance is necessary for air conditioners, especially when they don’t seem to be broken. Maintaining your air conditioning unit is pertinent for the efficiency, investment value, and longevity of your system.


Maintaining efficiency

Without proper spring air conditioner maintenance, many components can weaken and get dirty, causing excess strain on your unit and its parts, decreasing its overall efficiency. Regular maintenance helps keep energy cost from rising and your unit running properly.


Reducing costs of major repairs

Texas summers can get brutal, and they’re even worse when your air conditioner goes out. Everything breaks at some point, but proper spring air conditioner maintenance can increase the lifespan of costly components and, by extension, the length between major repairs. Maintaining your unit can reduce the chances of your unit breaking down during a time when it’s needed most. You can avoid major issues by making sure your unit goes into summer in its peak condition through regularly scheduled maintenance.


Importance of a maintenance plan

Maintenance plans allow Keller Services to track your unit’s health so we can replace parts before the break, making sure your family stays comfortable all season long. Keller Services Heating and Air Conditioning is scheduling spring air conditioner maintenances, call 940-230-0471   today and let us help keep your unit running in tip-top shape. You may also visit us at Keller Services.